Human + GPT to Grow Developer Adoption

Collaborate with to answer your developer's toughest questions, learn from them and improve your product. considers your developer's context & skill to generate answer with text, code and settings.

See what our early users are saying

"As tech companies adopt, they will be able to deliver Personalized context-based content to their thousands of users without spending hours writing or finding knowledge internally through human interactions which is not scalable. ”
Abhishek Rai
Product Manager, Networking Co.
"With, I can find answers to even the most obscure and complex developer questions. This has saved me countless hours of research and has allowed me to focus on delivering high-quality content to our developer community.”
Community Manager
API SaaS Company
"My community forum has lots of random questions. I need to consult with experts like my PM, Solution Engineer or Tech Lead. first creates draft answers and facilitates review-edits/approval workflow with SMEs.”
Developer Advocate
Datastore Company

1. Integrate to your existing knowledge sources

Train Doc-E on knowledge you can trust & control

Chat History

Discord, Slack


Stackoverflow, Discorse


Github, Gitlab



Your Existing FAQs


All Formats (coming soon)
More knowledge sources coming soon.

2. Deploy to all places where your developers ask questions

Seamlessly integrate to your developer's favored workspaces.

Integrate to multiple touchpoints

Use Slack and Discord as a hub to integrate your bot to all touchpoints where your developers ask questions.

Native Slack and Discord integrations

Create your Doc-E Slack and Discord bot to answer questions in one or more workspaces/channels.

Doc-E APIs
(coming soon)

Build on top of the Doc-E infrastructure and leverage the APIs to answer technical questions automatically

3. Give personalized responses to technical questions in seconds.


Assist mode

Ask Doc-E to generate response, edit and post in your name.

Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts

Get the response reviewed from experts with built in workflow.

Feedback Loop

When you edit Doc-E responses or when developers provide ratings, Doc-E learns and improves instantly.

Knowledge Access Control

Control knowledge flow across various touchpoints, enabling rapid scaling while ensuring utmost confidentiality.

4. Monitor and eliminate pain points from one centralized dashboard.

Use Integrated Doc-E dashboard to understand customer questions, find adoption barriers, and craft tailored, meaningful content .
Measure Pain Points
A concise overview of top pains learned from questions across bots
Quantify Impact
Metrics to help you prioritize  advocacy.
In-built content writer to write feature requirements, faqs, blogs against the pains points.
Measure Impact
(coming soon)
Keep track of pains for proof of elimination.

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