Turn Slack conversations into technical content for developers.


conversations into technical content for developers.

Engage your developer community. Create nuanced technical content, mini tutorials, and accurate support answers, powered by Doc-E AI + human expertise.

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Developer community engagement is hard work. We've simplified it for you.

Creating technical content for go to market teams can be tough. Some days you don’t know where to start and you're often chasing experts for an answer. That’s why we build Doc-E. 

Doc-E knows what your audience is looking for and helps you create technical content with the help of human expert guardrails.  

Use Doc-E to: 

  • Quickly write community-driven technical content
  • Deliver tailored Q&A support 
  • Educate developers with mini tutorials
  • Provide community insights 
  • Identify your champions and leads
GTM Teams Love Doc-E
A picture of Phil Leggetter, head of PLG and Developer Relations

Doc-E is a massive time saver and teams get 100% accuracy in 10% of the time when answering complex questions. This also applies to creating content based on common community problems.

Phil Leggetter
Head of PLG and Developer Relations

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a photo of Aravind Putrevu, Dev GTM Leader at Surreal DB

Doc-E identifies gaps in documentation and product to share with product teams to help eliminate adoption barriers. It also helps that it's knowledgable on 40+ databases.

Aravind Putrevu
Dev GTM Leader

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A photo of Ravi Lachhman, Product Manager at Harness

If you take too long to answer community questions, users get frustrated and you lose traction. Doc-E is always listening and providing the right context - and gets better over time.

Ravi Lachhman
Product Manager

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Speed Up Developer Engagement


Speed u time-to-market for technical content by 90%


Automatically validate technical content across 50 widely-used technologies


64% of Go To Market Teams prioritize content as their main engagement tool

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Doc-E works directly from Slack, Discord, Github, and Discourse to connect to your developer channels.


Let Doc-E Learn

Write prompts to create specific Knowledge Graphs along with Doc-E's base of 40+ common databases.


Create Custom Content

Doc-E contextualizes developer questions and provides specific and actionable answers at scale.


Educate and Engage

Educate developers with micro training and use Doc-E insights to strengthen your go to market. 

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