March 15, 2024

Getting Started

How to setup Doc-E and start your free trial

Build your DKG (Doc-E Knowledge Graph). It refers to a structured and organized representation of knowledge collected, curated, and continuously updated by the platform. This knowledge graph serves as a comprehensive repository that contains information extracted from various sources such as websites, forums, expert feedback, and other relevant data sources.

Share your continuously evolving knowledge via DKG with your employees, partners, vendors and customers.

Create content, answer support questions and educate your users right from your Community Engagement Platforms (Slack, Discord, Discourse, etc.).

Doc-E Slackbot Deployment

Add to Slack

  1. Click the "Add to Slack" button and follow on-screen instructions to install Doc-E in your Slack workspace.
  2. Workspace Admin or Owner privilege is needed to install Doc-E.
  3. Authorize Doc-E app to access your workspace.
  4. After installing Doc-E in your workspace, deploy it in the chosen channels.
  5. We recommend 'One Click' deploy to all public channels for Community Workspaces.
  6. While deploying Doc-E to individual channels, you may pick the appropriate DKGs and Access Control.
  7. Pick the right pre-built DKG depending on the knowledge needed in the respective channels.
  8. These DKGs are named after the vendor website address, such as,, and
  9. Determine the level of knowledge access control from the following 3 options: —
    • onlyThisChannel: AI uses knowledge exclusively within this channel. Use for confidential knowledge.
    • onlyThisWorkspace: Knowledge from this channel applies across the entire workspace.
    • outsidePublic: Knowledge gained here is utilized wherever your DKG is deployed.
  10. After successful deployment you will receive an email with instructions.
  11. We offer a bunch of trial credits to try Content, Support & Education features for free.
  12. Please use "Buy Subscription" page in the product to purchase more credits.
  13. If stuck, then please refer to FAQ & How-To pages in the Doc-E App-Home tab.

Doc-E App-Home tab after successful deployment: --

Doc-E App-Home

Here are the tasks you can now perform: --

  1. Content: Convert conversation into blog.
  2. Content: Convert conversation to any content.
  3. Content: Fine tune AI prompts to create new content type.
  4. Support/Education: Draft Answer in AssistMode.
  5. Support/Education: Answer in DirectMode.
  6. Support/Education: Answer in AutoMode.
  7. Support: Summarize Question Automatically.
  8. Support: Add qualification to individual channels.

If you need still help or want a live demo session, please contact-us.

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