Q. Can we expand the knowledge graph over time with our own tribal data?

A: Yes, you can progressively integrate your team’s data, documentation, and expert insights into Doc-E to make the knowledge graph increasingly tailored to your technology domain.

Q. How are my data and content assets secured?

A: Please use right AccessControl to choose what data/channel to share publicly to the outside world, privately internal workspace only or confidentially channel only. Doc-E’s knowledge graph is based on your confidentiality requirements.

Q. Can we expand the knowledge graph over time with our own tribal data?

A: Yes, you can progressively integrate your team’s data, documentation, and expert insights into Doc-E to make the knowledge graph increasingly tailored to your technology domain.

Q. Does Doc-E ever provide responses without review?

A: For common queries, Doc-E will generate answers for review before public posting to balance accuracy with speed. But technically, complex responses that Doc-E is not sure about are escalated for expert validation first.

Q. What level of effort is required to implement and maintain Doc-E?

A: Doc-E is designed to provide maximum value with minimal effort. After some initial data sharing and configuration, Doc-E largely runs automatically using its AI and knowledge graph while integrating human oversight efficiently.

Q. Can we customize the Doc-E's GIF?

A: Absolutely - you can bring your custom GIF to advertise your upcoming events or releases.

Q. Does Doc-E integrate with our existing community platforms?

A: Yes, Doc-E seamlessly connects with the following platforms: Discourse, Slack, Discord, GitHub, Khoros, etc. to engage your developer community members directly through their most familiar channels.

Q. How can Doc-E help create high-quality content more efficiently?

A: By leveraging AI, expert oversight, and community insights, Doc-E streamlines content production to quickly generate materials that engage users. Custom templates also ensure content matches company voice and style.

Q. How does Doc-E drive the adoption of a company's technology?

A: By efficiently answering questions, creating engaging content, and identifying advocates, it enables deeper community engagement and understanding. This increased usage drives a preference for the technology.

Q. How does Doc-E identify and engage potential leads?

A: By analyzing community conversations and profiles, it spots promising leads to approach through insight into their prior context and problems. Understanding their context makes prospects more receptive.

Q. What's the benefit of Doc-E's 1-1 Tutor feature?

A: This provides customized learning for developers seeking more tailored guidance to accelerate their understanding. The private environment facilitates progress at their own pace.

Q. How does Doc-E continue improving its knowledge over time?

A: Through constant analysis of interactions, incorporation of expert feedback, and integration of corrections, Doc-E continually enhances its knowledge base and comprehension. This evolving capability allows it to steadily improve.

Q. How does Doc-E boost our lead conversion process?

A: By producing highly personalized content via automated workflows, Doc-E enables the marketing team to spend its time more efficiently, scale content creation and take a granular approach with leads and customers to better drive adoption and conversions.

Q. When does bringing in human oversight really make an impact?

A: While Doc-E's AI capabilities are robust, there are always edge cases and complex questions where the human touch makes the difference - providing key context, interpretations, and recommendations critical for specific engagements. Doc-E makes it seamless to tap that on-demand.

Q. Does the conversational interface mirror how developers engage today?

A: Absolutely - the natural language interface taps into the prevailing messaging-driven communication style developers are most familiar with and comfortable with across the best-known community platforms. This humanized interaction powered behind the scenes by AI and knowledge graphs leads to higher-quality exchanges.

Q. What are some content types produced beyond just docs and FAQs?

A: Doc-E can generate ebooks, solution briefs, blog articles, tutorials, how-to guides, troubleshooting flows, and more - including customized pieces tailored to particular use cases or verticals using its structured templates.

Q. How does Doc-E ingest and connect to our knowledge repositories?

A. Doc-E crawls public website data and connects via secure API to your Discourse instance. We have various connectors to ingest data via REST APIs.

Q. What does the underlying knowledge graph schema optimize for?

A: The knowledge graph schemas maintain taxonomic hierarchies between topics while encoding semantic relationships based on dependency parsing to best connect entities for contextual recommendation and inference.

Q. How is Doc-E infrastructure hosted, and what are the scalability limits?

A. Doc-E infrastructure is hosted on AWS and Azure. Our slackbot can support communities up to 100,000 members.