Unanswered questions cost
opportunities and trust

Doc-E answers your developer's toughest questions in seconds. Stay on top of all conversations with AI-powered expert Q&A

62% of Developers spend up to 1 hour a day searching for answers
Manage directly from Slack

Review and answer your community questions directly from Slack. No need to pick up a new tool.

Connect to knowledge bases
you trust

Make Doc-E your 24/7 answering expert. Doc-E's knowledge graph is trained on your latest internal documentation, and on 40+ open-source databases. Connect to Slack, Discord, Discourse, StackOverflow channels.

Never leave a question unanswered
Streamline support with AI and managed workflows

If you're getting bombarded with questions..

Doc-E generates answers using its knowledge graph. Use automated workflows to review and escalate questions to expert in clicks. Bring a massive reduction in response time and support tickets with AI and human-in-the loop workflow Q&A.

Merge education with support


Help developers become experts in your technology.  Create educational packets that accompany every answer, guiding developers to go more in-depth when you have their captive attention.

1-1 Tutor

For developers who prefer private 1-1  interactions, Doc-E Tutor provides a safe space to ask questions and accelerate adoption.

Custom answering modes

Leverage custom workflows

Hallucinations will happen with LLMs. Test and ensure you're giving the best answers with Doc-E's 3 answering modes until you're confident to set and forget!

1. AssistMode

Generates answers for your or expert review before posting to ensure accuracy.

2. DirectMode

For communities to directly query Doc-E while you still maintain overwrite capabilities.

3. AutoMode

No need for users to query Doc-E. If they ask a question with "?" - Doc-E listens and answers - while you maintain overwrite capabilities.

Grow your user base with proactive support and education
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